Friday, March 28, 2008


The death threats that accompanied the publication of this short movie seem to validate its premise--that Islam is intrinsically violent, and requires reform.

Is the movie fair to the millions of Muslims that don't go in for cutting off heads? Not really. There are plenty of Muslims who don't care for trouble and aren't that interested in imperialism. They are rumored to constitute a majority.

Is it unfair? Not really. Too huge a fraction of Muslims support this rhetoric and violence, even if they'd not actually do anything themselves. Egypt comes to mind

Is it hate speech? No, but it quotes a lot of hate speech.

I'd provide a link, but the sites keep getting shut down, so a static link is no use.

Watch it. Even though it doesn't describe all Muslims, it describes a subset with whom we have been at war for decades, and probably will continue to have to fight for many more. And we need a few reminders. The powers that be in the media seem to have an overwhelming fear of being offensive or making Americans angry(*). 9/11 memorial shows without footage of the carnage? Maybe that is related to the death threats mentioned above?

I'm told the movie pops up (and gets deleted) on Youtube--search for it.

(*)Except angry at a short list of domestic targets.

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