Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sign Juxtaposition in Janesville

On the way home a few signs by the highway in Janesville caught my eye. Appearing as though they were right next to each other were "Hooters" and "Get It Now!" The latter I guess is a rent-to-own place (you'll pay lots of $$$ in interest!) and the other a famous restaurant chain featuring nicely arranged young women in abbreviated uniforms.

The signs go together well (at least for men). Do you want a beautiful woman to pay attention to you? It is faster to go to Hooters and leave a generous tip than it is to try to win a lady's affection. (And faster than, having "won fair maid," awaiting her pleasure; for she has obligations too.)

Of course, a few smiles and a photograph with the waitress is substantially less satisfactory than a hug from your lady. So is paying $1200 to the rent-to-own place for a $500 sofa.

No good shortcuts...

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