Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jefferson Rabbit Show

I took Youngest Son to the Jefferson Rabbit Show this morning. He'd shown his rabbit at the Dane County Fair, but "pet" is not the same as "breed." None of our rabbits are "show quality." His assignment was to listen to a judge and learn what judges look for, and look over the various breeds and get an idea of what people wanted in a rabbit (and a rabbit show).

There were about 6 judges, all rather soft spoken and in the middle of crowds. About 2000 rabbits sat in tiny cages--a vast fraction of them for sale. The cages are only for transport--they have much more space back home There was a raffle, Klubertanz was selling rabbit cages and books, an elderly lady was knitting angora scarves using a wide-toothed jig held close to her eyes, and all ages and sizes alternately thronged and waited and sat and groomed rabbits.

I'm not allergic to rabbit dander, but with that many shedding in one place I started to have trouble breathing. It was my first rabbit show, and I think my last.

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