Monday, August 23, 2010

Infinite Campus

Youngest Son's math teacher emailed us that we ought to sign into "infinite campus" to keep track of his grades this semester in high school. Perhaps the phrase is meant to convey the impression of unconfined learning, but I was in high school myself long ago, and instead it conveys a whiff of "Hotel California:" you can never leave.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

"Infinite campus" to describe the ability to check up on your kid's grades. What a load. Ours is called "Pawerschool."

james said...

"Pawer"? Besides the pun, is this a reference to the "cubs?"

kypAelfgar said...

Infinite Campus is very Star Trek-y, although undeservedly so. High school hardly can be said to offer even finite quantities of most things. What they should have is something less presumptuous and hyperbolic and give it a hint of Big Brother.

Campus Overseer isn't subtle enough, but is on the right track. Hall Monitor might just fit the bill, and is suitably punny.