Thursday, March 03, 2011


The rehearsal kept going over and over one song, making more and more "energetic" a fairly pastoral song about "though I walk through valleys low I fear no evil" and quiet waters. The lead singer thought she should put a prayer in between the last verse and the chorus, and then have the drums really hammer the "Though I walk;" and so it was tried. The director said it didn't work--the contrast was too great. He suggested "an energetic prayer."

I stopped laughing long enough to come out and interject that the idea was more than a little weird--who was she supposed to be talking too, after all? (I held my tongue on comparisons with the prophets of Baal.) The suggestion was dropped; and the bass player started quietly chortling.

The directory can sing and play and understands music better than I ever will. But he's young, and too focused on the mechanics.

I was too late to catch him afterwards.

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