Thursday, May 01, 2014

Banning leggings

I read this week that a high school was banning leggings, and realized that the garments had been becoming a trend. I don't tend to notice fashions particularly well: I can generally tell the difference between winter wear and late spring clothing, but don't press me hard on more details. But now that the subject came up, yes: there were a lot more of those things around than I ever remember before. In some places. Thanks to the complexities of allocating limited space in the Physics Department, I actually spend most of my time downtown near the Capitol. The costumes on display there tend to be a little different from those on campus: white collar, blue collar, sightseers, and homeless guys on the one hand, vs young kids and middle-aged faculty and staff on the other.

So while waiting at the bus stop on campus I did some quick counting, and about 40% (plus or minus about 15%) of the women wore tight leggings. (The next day was substantially colder and more windy; then it was more like 15%.)

I hear that it is necessary to suffer to be beautiful, or at least to get attention. If my undershorts get stuck that far from battery I look around for a place to inconspicuously adjust the uncomfortable situation. Those have to chafe.

Claiming that leggings cover more than other forms of clothing is disingenuous: they reveal the shapes precisely and without any even the visual boundaries that swimsuits give. As part of a series of layers no doubt they help keep one warm, but by themselves? Worn with callipygous intent.

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