Sunday, October 26, 2014

University of Liberia Round 2

Last year I noticed that UL had 0 out of 25000 applicants succeed.

This year was better. Many fewer sat the exam (I don't know whether before or after the anti-ebola school closings): 13,000. But this time 15 passed.

It is possible that the 15 learned how to get early copies of the exams, or that the tests were easier; but let's be hopeful about it and assume that some of the schools started to make changes, and some of the better students were able to take advantage of those changes and learned enough to pass the threshold. It will take a few years before the average students have the proper skill-set. Or it would if ebola wasn't such a large factor right now.

So I consider this story a spot of good news. What isn't such good news is the reaction of some of the teachers...

But a Teacher, Prince Nimely said, the result coming from the university is troubling adding that the government has to properly examine the result the university is releasing. Nimely said: “We have to look at the standard the university is using to fail those students and their motive if they do not want students to attend the university due to overcrowding let them say it and they should not discredit other people effort.”

Blame the messenger. Or perhaps there's a less noble motive--Prince is a teacher at UL and hasn't managed to notice how unprepared the students are?

At any rate, congratulations to the 15, and I hope they can study well and safely.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

It sucks for thousands. But for the 15, until proven otherwise, they can write their ticket.