Saturday, March 21, 2015


We went to a fundraiser at Cave of the Mounds this evening. A woman with huge chemo bills is part of a women's acapella group (greenTones). That group, and a girl's high school group, and the men's acapella group from Oberlin (obertones?) sang standing on steps out of the main cavern to an audience assembled tightly below.

They were all skillful, though I think the acoustics were better suited to the men's group.

The fact that they assembled on steps, with each song's soloist on the walk in front, meant that each of the chorus members was heard at full power instead of partly blocked by the singers in front. The soloists usually wound up overpowered--especially the high school girls. A little detail they should bear in mind for the future...

We had a good time.

The ceiling drips, of course, and I was strongly reminded of the scene from King Solomon's Mines where the heroes are shown where the dead kings of the Kukuana reside.

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