Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Visiting head of state

The Dalai Lama seems to like Madison, or perhaps Deer Park in Oregon. He comes here fairly regularly, about ten times so far.

I had domestic stuff to deal with and drove in to work late. Parking was special event parking rates--he was at the Overture center (a block from our offices). On the way by, there were 4 huge bus/trucks parked by the center, and on State Street a small crowd of all ages in Tibetan clothes with a Tibetan flag, handing out literature to people who were not wearing dark glasses and a hat and walking briskly.

Above it all a plane circled pulling a banner that read "DALAI LAMA STOP LYING." The news report doesn't say who dunnit, but I'd guess there was Chinese money in the loop somewhere.

I wonder about the big buses with blanked windows. Were they for the Lama and security? If so, I wonder if it seems ironic to him...

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