Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Lake of the Woods

We stopped off at Lake of the Woods on the way back home today. It isn't a big place, but it is pleasant, the museum is nice and hands-on, and there turns out to be a botanical garden in the place--not there 30 years ago. A path leads by a bench installed in honor of an ex-Stalag POW who founded about 4 different businesses in Mahomet, a gazebo and an arbor that the clematis hasn't climbed up yet, over to a lily pond aswarm with tadpoles and an artificial waterfall.

Along the way I saw a slab-throne covered with colorful small tiles, with the images of pendants on the arms. I wondered what they could be--was this something for weddings, or what is something Marian--what did those pendants mean?

I found a small sign near it: "Throne Rococo Nouveau." In other words the decorations didn't mean anything. I found that somehow disappointing.

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