Thursday, September 08, 2016

Cell phone gun

You all probably heard about the gun that folds up to look like a cell phone. I saw reactions from "cool, I should get one" to "what evil-minded people those gun weirdos are." One thing I did not see was a use case.

  • Home Defense? Why bother with a fold-up?
  • Concealed carry to prevent a mugging? By the time you unfold the thing, the mugger will have shot you three times and be halfway down the block with anything valuable.
  • Parthian shot at a mugger? Do you think a mugger is going to leave you your "cell phones"? Anyway, judges frown on shooting people running away from you.
  • Assassination? You're going to get this past metal detectors, and then unfold it undetected, and then get close enough so you can hit the broadside of a barn. Yep, sure. A derringer would be smaller; or use a ceramic knife if you expect metal detectors.
  • Because it's a cool novelty? OK, impressing people is a valid use case. Still.

It finally struck me: You conceal it from your boss in a "No firearms" establishment where you have reason to expect random shooters. Chances are you won't be targeted first, so you have time to duck and unfold and fire.

I made notes but never actually posted about this one.

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