Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mirror, mirror

Doug Aitken's Mirage house is part of an art exhibition, and presumably will be dismantled long before dried raindrops blur the sides and birds and squirrels leave their marks. Though there's not much rain, and probably not many birds and squirrels, so it might stay pristine for quite a while.

The interior is mirror-lined too, which I suppose gives the feeling of extra space if the mirrors are properly aligned. Or you might feel alone among multitudes--pick one.

Setting aside issue of fragility and keeping it clean, it's an interesting idea. In the desert sun it might help keep you cooler. (Although once the house does get hot it may not radiate heat away very well.)

Indoor mirrors I'm not so keen on--I get distracted by motion in my field of view, and if each automatic scratch-my-head turns into a head-swivel I'll have trouble concentrating on the problem.

When I try to imagine how it would look from various directions--most of the time it doesn't "blend into the background." It would stand out rather dramatically, especially at sunset.

Imagine trying to play hide-and-seek in a neighborhood of such houses. For that matter, imagine driving through the neighborhood at night!

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