Thursday, August 10, 2017


In the Atlantic we find: "Pets don’t actually make people healthier, according to a new analysis. Ability to own a pet does." "The cat owners appeared healthier than people without pets, but the difference went away when the researchers factored in that the cat owners were likely to be healthy for other reasons, mostly bearing on socioeconomic status."

Of course, we want to keep an eye on this to make sure that the result is true. But if it is, what's going to happen to the Emotional Support Animal industry? I haven't seen their reaction yet, but let me guess: "The study doesn't address emotional issues, only deals with children ..."

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The Mad Soprano said...

There are people who can't and/or shouldn't take care of animals (people with allergies, personality issues, mental problems, etc.). But for the most part, having a pet is very beneficial for people.

If I may use an example from working in assisted living facilities, I have seen residents with pets in their rooms, including residents who were bound to wheel-chairs. These pets give the residents something to care about other than their own needs.