Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hidden in plain sight or concealed?

The tragic van crash recently elicited a testimonial about the driver

The families issued a statement last week calling Schuler "a devoted mother to her children, Bryan and Erin."

"She was a constant, doting presence in her nieces' lives, and our extended family admired her competence, ease with children and sense of humor," it said. "Never has there been a more responsible and trusted friend or caregiver."

The article gives the autopsy results: double the legal blood alcohol limit with more undigested, plus marijuana. "Responsible" is not the first word that comes to mind for someone who drives in that condition.

Unless she was particularly suicidal that day, this wouldn't be the first time. Did she hide it so well that nobody knew she was a drunk, or did nobody want to mention it? Hiding protected her from criticism (at least while she lived), but it also protected her from grace and help.

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