Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Virtual Data Centers are all the rage these days. Let somebody else handle the backup and migration and hardware management: all you have to see is what the machines do: appear to be your web server, etc (and see the check you write each month...). Sometimes that's handy: we use a lot of virtual machines to handle tasks that don't need a lot of horsepower (DNS service, DHCP service, etc). I'm supposed to be exploring the possibilities of virtualizing some heavy processing as well, for when somebody needs to run a version of their code that only runs on an OS we don't support anymore. Haven't started yet. Of course this is all in-house.

When something goes south, it is nice to be able to threaten the hardware yourself instead of sitting on a help-line to somewhere in California waiting your turn.

Think about it. Don't conservation laws require that for every virtual data center there must be a virtual anti-data center?

Imagine the possibilities in anti-data...

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Korora said...

"Imagine the possibilities in anti-data..."

Oh, I'm sure Satan has some ideas...