Monday, August 11, 2014


The Skyla ad shows the power of imagery. They are able to accomplish instantly what Lovecraft required shovelfuls of adjectives to do.

I'm trying to imagine in what universe that ad would not be deeply creepy. Stepford Wives creepy. She lavishes human love on a hollow shell (like the Stepford husbands). Is she the duped or the duper, or both?

I like to hope that it is just a blunder on the part of the ad men. It is frightening to think there are people who'd think it normal or attractive. Did I miss something? Is Portland really full of pod people?

Hat tip to Donald Sensing


The Mad Soprano said...

Her behavior in that picture mirrors that of a five-year-old playing with a stuffed animal.

Also, if she continues to treat her cello like that, it's not going to last even twenty years; that thing will be ready for the scrap heap.

james said...

No, her expression is exactly that of a mother welcoming her child. This is like the people who have pets for children, only more so--a pet can respond with affection, after all.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I doubt the target audience finds it creepy. People who have children, more likely.

james said...

People who have no children and don't associate with people who do? Still frighteningly twisted.

Texan99 said...

I have no children. I can distantly sympathize with the attitude of a young woman determined to perfect her cello career before having children. I'm one of those people who treat their pets like the children they never had.

But I found it deeply, deeply creepy. I have a hard time imagining who would not.