Thursday, November 26, 2015

Home from the hill

I'm told that hunters generally see only 1 of every 20 deer in the area they survey. We saw fewer, though I gather from the cannons to the right of us, cannons to the left of us, and cannons behind us that others were more observant. We saw birds, and a couple of bird hunters and their energetic dog, and the moonrise over the trees. And the sunrise through the fog, and a small bird pecking at a dead tree (not a woodpecker). We got in a lot of tramping, and a lot of sitting, and a lot of getting snowed on. But it was a nice time outdoors.

The ER found no obvious problems, and I'm tentatively blaming a combination of dehydration and a new medicine which the nurse warned I might be sensitive to.

One more try this weekend.

UPDATE: Nothing on Saturday morning either. The nearest thing to a prey animal we saw was a horse in a blaze orange blanket.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

You are being a bit enigmatic here. What happened?

james said...

Long-lasting heart palpitations. They wanted to see me on the "better safe" rule.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I have twice been in on what I was sure were muscular chest aches, but resulted in overnights and stress tests. It's nice to have had stress tests with no identified problems, I guess, especially as my father had multiple bypass surgeries and my much-younger brother has blockages and now has a stent.