Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Puzzling proverb

A young man tried to supplement his income by hooking extra connections onto a power pole, and this time he failed. Two other onlookers, who claimed to be long time acquaintances of the deceased, said his death justifies the maxim: “99 days for rogue, one day for master.” I understand the proverb "They say a leaf that is sweet in a billy-goat’s mouth can runs its stomach;" that's easy in this context. And I know "rogue" means thief or robber. But I don't understand what is meant by "99 days." Days of trouble, maybe?


jaed said...

I found this story. If I am reading it right, it means (more or less) that someone may do evil for 99 days, but on the hundredth day he gets his comeuppance. Or very loosely translated, "karma's a bitch".

james said...

That makes sense. Thanks!