Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Crime gets complicated

A bank robbery involved a Nigerian hiring/bribing security guards with money and passports, an "oxygen tank" to cut window bars and a back door chain (?? why both?) cut by the bribed guards, and a shootout between the rest of his gang and the police (and maybe with some of the bribed security guards, if you want to believe them). The gun Akin used (*) looks sort of like a home-built single-shot pistol firing a shotgun shell. The security guards for the bank were allegedly unarmed.

Don't believe the story as it stands. That's a pretty good rule in general for first reports anywhere, but in Liberia...

(*)Given the kind of money he'd have to throw around for bribes, I suspect he could afford better, and that it is in a policeman's pocket now, replaced by the item in the photograph (which looks kind of staged).

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