Sunday, July 03, 2016

July 3 fireworks

The temperature slowly dropped from the 70's to mid 60's as the evening darkened. We'd decided to skip the city fireworks display, which was scheduled for after the last midget race, which started at 10. We opted for a small fire in the firepit instead. We didn't miss much though--the fireflies were out in force (but not mosquitoes!), and neighbors 2 houses away had an hour and a half of cone fountains, rockets, and shells. I've no idea how they afford the display; maybe several families get together--I didn't recognize most of the people standing around when I went over to thank them. One of the big red 80' wide bursts went off 30 feet up (oops) and a small silver blue shell skittered down the street before exploding--but otherwise there were no mishaps in the amateur show.

Across the street in the other direction, in "Nature's Preserve Office Park" (*), another group fired off a shorter show; a block down our street somebody was setting off some lovely shells; there was another show two blocks in one direction and we could see another through the trees about 6 blocks away in yet another direction.

So we had a fine time sitting and watching the fire and the fireworks and the fireflies.

Rockets and shells are quite illegal, of course (this is Wisconsin), but I think the police know better than to try to interfere. Middle Daughter suggested they were probably very busy with drunk and disorderly.

(*) You can't make this stuff up.

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