Saturday, August 06, 2016

The definition of censorship

The chancellor at UW-Stout in Menomonie said Friday he decided to move two large paintings dating to 1936 from hallways in a much-traveled campus building because they “stood in the way of an effort to create an inclusive and comfortable environment for everyone.”
The chancellor said in his statement that “despite opinions to the contrary, it was never my intent to ‘censor’ these paintings or remove them from public view. I simply wanted to get them into situations where we had some control over who would view them.

The painting reproduced in the newspaper shows 4 canoes on a river: two with French trappers and two with Indians. "Meyer provided quotes from two Native American students who said the paintings “like those in Harvey Hall keep us in the past” and present Native Americans as stereotypes." I gather some people don't care for history. OR else they're trying to see what they can get away with. It seems ironic: the Indians are all reasonably sitting and paddling, but one of the trappers is standing in the bow of his canoe--not, in my experience, the most sensible thing to attempt.

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The Mad Soprano said...

Did the Native American students actually say that, or did someone mishear something?