Thursday, December 08, 2016


I suppose it wasn't quite fair that John Glenn should have gotten so much of the fame, but I wasn't of an age to question it much, and I was thrilled with all the flights. We chanted countdowns at any opportunity. He was our hero.

It was a let-down when he went into politics, and at least one of his firm stances was not worthy of the man. But he tried and achieved more than all but a very few of us, and he represented us in our adventure, just as his fellow-Ohioan Armstrong did. Fare well, and may God receive you.

I wonder who we have today like him? Would we hear about them?


Ann Hammon said...

One of his firm stances-in your opinion.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Tom Wolfe's book about the astronauts gave a different impression of them all - and I say that remembering we were pretty proud of Alan Shepard up here in NH when I was a boy.