Sunday, April 16, 2017


Peter had a confusing career. He told Jesus to go away, because he (Peter) was a sinful man. Jesus called him anyway. A little later Jesus called him Satan. When Peter swung a sword to come to His defense, Jesus rebuked him. Peter, along with the others, swore he'd never deny Jesus, and then he lied like mad when his poor spy scheme was uncovered. He had a decided tendency to fall asleep when praying (Gethsemane, Joppa): one man called napping "The Prayer of St. Peter." After the Resurrection, the angel said "Tell His disciples, and Peter." Ouch. Though maybe he already felt like an outsider. Even after the Resurrection, Peter thought the best thing to do was go fishing. And then Jesus grilled him.

He was clearly not the head honcho at Jerusalem; James was. Paul had to call him on the carpet at one point.

I'm not at all persuaded that he was appointed head of the church, but I think one might do worse than appoint a klutz who's been through the fire a time or three--somebody who's had to learn a bit of humility.


Uncle Bill said...

Peter was a loudmouth and a braggart, who failed conspicuously at times. However, he could also be brave. Peter was the only one who got out of the boat, or attempted to defend Jesus in the garden. Yes, he denied Jesus in the courtyard, but he was also the only one to even hang around, while the rest of the disciples were in hiding. I think he was also the first to declare Christ's divinity. He was a complex and fascinating human being, and some movie maker is missing a bet by not making a movie telling the story of Jesus through his eyes.

james said...

John was in the courtyard too, and, though we don't get a lot of detail, there's a hint or two that Thomas was pretty courageous too. (Was he out getting groceries when the others were in the room together?)
But you're right, that would be an interesting movie. I'm not sure who I'd trust to make it, though.