Friday, February 03, 2012

Maple tree sanitation

Apparently if maple tree tappers try to keep their equipment clean and avoid getting bacteria in the tree, the tree produces more sap.
Of course this remains to be verified over time. Producing too much sap might weaken the tree as much as bacteria does. Still...

I wonder if rubber trees behave similarly. IIRC they were good for about 10 years, with new sets of cuts each year, and that was about it. Maybe the tree was reacting to sap loss: the claim of 10 years suggests something like that. I
f it were disease you'd expect the failures to be a little more random. Wikipedia says 25 years, so either I misunderstood or the local conditions and trees were less productive. If the latter, there's room for improvement. I wonder how many free-lance tappers there still are.

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Assistant Village Idiot said...

I'll pass this on to a friend who taps