Thursday, September 18, 2014


was defined as the attitude of the man who, having murdered his parents, threw himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan.

It could also be the attitude of a man editorializing on how the appeals court was "asking for trouble" when it reinstated Wisconsin's voter ID law. Yep, there's not much time left. And remind me why there was a delay?

The old tradition holds that the dead vote in Chicago and the cows in Southern Illinois, and there were certainly some curious voter turnouts in several counties around the country in the last election. On the other hand we're assured that it is all smoke and mirrors--that true voter fraud is almost never proved, and therefore almost never happens. Though that syllogism seems to have a little gap or two in it somewhere...

Will such laws reduce fraud? I look forward to learning that.

Will they reduce turnout? They'll certainly reduce the derelict roundup vote, which probably isn't a significant factor in most races. The turn-out-the-vote machine works best in densely populated cities; making sure the people on your block have IDs is just one more step for the organizers--not even a speed bump, really, given the work involved in making sure everybody gets an absentee ballot and suggestions.

Now that I think of it, if there's a significant reduction in the absentee ballot turnout in certain districts that will probably answer the question about reducing vote fraud. You'll have to connect the dots yourself, though.

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