Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stroller changes?

Back in the days when we used a stroller, we made sure it collapsed. Even the twin stroller (a double-wide, to keep a todler and a baby more or less in one place) folded down fairly compactly, though with treacherous projections. I saw strollers on the bus, too--generally folded down when they were brought on.

These days I see a lot of strollers on the bus, and even on the sidewalks--double strollers (fore and aft, the double-wides are, thankfully, out of style) as often as not, and none of them apparently easy to fold up. The double strollers almost invariably have just one child aboard. The weight, volume and square footage per child is much larger than before.

Is that because strollers are so much cheaper, or because nobody worries about folding them up anymore?

My sampling may be biased, since most of the strollers on the bus are with women going to/from the homeless shelter (no car, no need to compress), and many of the rest are with people touring the square, who may not be representative.

Still, the new style seems much bigger and more padded, and I'll bet harder to clean.

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