Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Odds and ends from the trip

I remembered Glacier, but fortunately Skyline Drive is, with a few exceptions, a pleasant drive—until thunderstorms hit. We saw them coming, and anyway only had time for a third of the distance. There are gentle overlooks every mile or less, and the views are great. We took a short hike on the Appalachian Trail, and we’ll only have to go back about 200,000 more times to complete it. Ran into a hiker who’d run out of water, gave him some of ours. My wife notices things like that better than I do.

It seems that the battleship Wisconsin, fitted with Tomahawk missiles, returned with 6 when all the other ships fired all of theirs.

Cruise control isn’t terribly useful in West Virginia.

Whose bright idea was it to brand a truck company “US Cargo?” It sounds so sluggish.

An Antique Mall is a bazaar.

A casino is a vampire that sucks the life away from a downtown. The roads around Wheeling look like a group of squids each arm wrestling all the rest.

We got off 70 at Richmond to try 40 into Indiana to see what it looked like—and hit the Highway 40 Yard Sale. Not heard of it before. We stopped off at one church sale that was fund-raising for Liberia; had a nice talk.

In Virginia the highway was lined on each side and down the median with trees--and along a couple of stretches they had everything down in the median and some giant tree pulpers shredding everything. Maybe they weren't otherwise harvestable.

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