Friday, January 01, 2016


My pancake recipe uses eggs. When I pulled the box out of the fridge I noticed that it said "vegetarian fed." I called my Better Half's attention to the curious phrase, and she said she was never buying that kind again--the box also said "free range." Now that she mentioned it--how do you keep free range chickens from eating worms? Smells like somebody is just piling slogans on the label.

I just go to egg section and grab a box, but prices have gone high enough that the farmer's market is sometimes cheaper.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Or eating insects.

jaed said...

I've heard that eggs labeled "free range" sometimes come from chickens whose range isn't all that "free" - they'll have a small, sterile outdoor area, for example, but not likely to get any bugs or weeds in their diet.

(Pause for childish sense of wonder that there are animals who make food out of bugs and weeds.)

james said...

That would not greatly surprise me.