Thursday, January 28, 2016

Peaceful coexistence

A message from the UW Urban Canid Project.

I gather that we are supposed to enjoy the view of coyotes in the neighborhood, but haze them anyway. Hazing doesn't work unless the whole neighborhood undertakes to haze them: yell, throw sticks (but not directly at them?), spray them with a hose (this here is winter, son), keep your large dogs close to you and pick up the punt-ables.

My inclination is to grab the pitchfork and advance. If something way bigger than a coyote comes towards it, that should make it feel uncomfortable, and the pitchfork is handy if it decides to return the favor. And if I'm going to hurl something in the direction of a predator I think the fire pit poker is a better bet than an old branch. (Blazing away is inadvisable when there's a daycare in the background.)

I gather they tend only to be problems when they get used to being around people. Around people you find stray food, rabbits and squirrels taking advantage of bird feeders, small pets, and idiots who feed them. I assume familiarity breeds contempt after a while...


Mark Reiff said...

"....only works if everyone does it, and does it regularly." And THAT is why this project is doomed to failure.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I hike in the woods where thee are coydogs (coywolves, whatever) the Northeast's superpredator that hunts day or night and doesn't mind being near people. 65% coyote, 25% wolf, 10% dog, on average. They are known to take down deer when acting in groups. There are three together in my territory.

I had decided to forego the woods, even with my walking stick and my pepper spray. But I have reconsidered and I will go back in.

james said...

On their turf (so to speak) I'd carry a longer range weapon than a pitchfork.