Wednesday, June 15, 2016


We have gophers in the front lawn/garden. We've seen them and found two of their holes. Well, maybe 4, but the other two holes never seemed to be used again. I decided to try to make things uncomfortable for them and ran a hose to the one by the front door. After 10 minutes a wet gopher emerged and headed next door.

I borrowed a few gopher traps, and over the next couple of weeks the population of hole-dwellers was reduced by 5: 3 gophers and two chipmunks.

Yes, the chipmunks came out of the same hole the gophers did.

So either they shared lodging, which I've never heard of before, or the chipmunks went in opportunistically and got whacked on the way out (the traps are one-directional). Either way it seems very odd.

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