Friday, May 21, 2004

High Society by Dave Sim

This is a "graphic novel," which is to say a high-toned comic book. Disclaimer: I haven't read the first book, so maybe I'm missing something. The story arc follows the aardvark Cerebus as he arrives at the big city and finds himself more and more deeply emmeshed in the political scheming. This isn't Cerebus' cup of tea--he/she/it has much simpler tastes, such as money: but of course money comes along with power and so he is enticed into trying to gain power. The deepest battles turn out to be fought over who is going to get paid by a city that's completely bankrupt in a country of completely bankrupt cities; and what role the religious authorities will play.

I gather that this is supposed to be satirical, and it almost works. Ever-scheming Astoria and her lunatic "superhero" husband are nicely done, and Cerebus skates in and out of being an interesting character. The artwork is well done, and some of the scenes are fun. I think I'll pass on the other volumes in the series--it isn't to my taste.

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