Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Looking backward

The other day I downloaded the archives for this blog, stripped out the Blogger paging/formatting code, and appended the works into a long single page. Then I pointed Firefox at the file and reviewed what I'd written over the past few years. It adds up to about a book's worth of text. Obviously it was never meant to be a consistent whole: just a log of what seemed interesting at the moment; so the content and tone vary all over the map. And not all the posts are mine, of course.

One thing stands out: I need to apologize for not editing more carefully. I left gaps, assumed that the reader knew what I was thinking, and didn't look up the answers to various questions. I'd write some things very differently now. I won't apologize for the puns, though.

I wonder how many times the word I appears . . . 1066 lines in 391 posts.

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