Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What Blogs Do I Read?

I've seen some very creatively categorized blogrolls, but they generally lack detail. This isn't a "blogroll" as such: there generally aren't reciprocal links, but this is the sort of things I look at regularly. I use either tabs of blogs in Mozilla, or bloglines.

Rather than rank these, I list them alphabetically. When you see "collaborative blog," you know that describing the focus and tone is generally going to be a little difficult.

  • AfricaPundit is a (very) sporadic poster. As you probably guess, he's interested in African news.
  • Ann Althouse is a law professor here at UW-Madison. She comments on Madison, law, personal stuff, and other.
  • Amy Welborn is a writer who focuses on happenings in the Catholic church.
  • A Voyage to Arcturus is essays and pointers to news on space, science, and technology.
  • The Basement Burrow is my eldest son's blog; largely humor and observations on politics.
  • Belmont Club is "Wretchard"'s comments on the war and how nations (and NGOs and the UN) work or don't work together. (Wretchard is actually his cat's name.)
  • Cerberus Blog is written by a policeman in a A Large City. Sometimes tart.
  • Chicago Boyz is a collaborative blog, with main interests being culture and political trends.
  • Chronicles of a Medical Mad House has been the "diary" of an intern. He's been getting a bit bored with that (unfortunately) and branching out into more creative writing.
  • City of Brass:/unmedia is Aziz' new blog location. He's a Shi'ite science student. I find his perspectives interesting.
  • The Cranky Professor appears to be some variety of history professor, commenting on culture and history news.
  • Dave Barry's Blog is more or less as it says: bizarre news links with a line or two of commentary. It doesn't quite have Dave's touch, naturally.
  • davidwarrenonline.com David Warren is a Canadian newspaper columnist.
  • EuroPundits, by Nelson Ascher, is his musings on culture, world events, and Portugese translations of poetry.
  • Ideofact is a history professor commenting on history, culture, and personal stuff. And let's not forget his unique ongoing analysis of Qutb's work.
  • Innocents Abroad is a sporadic poster writing largely on current events and foreign affairs.
  • InstaPundit.Com: everybody knows InstaPundit. His specialty is finding links to things you might be interested in, and he finds them all day long.
  • In the Agora is a collaborative blog specializing in commentary on current event, culture, faith, and college basketball.
  • Iowahawk is satirical pieces on news and culture.
  • Latif's Cavern is a sporadic poster originally from (I think) Pakistan whose current career in banking is cutting heavily into his musings on the world and culture.
  • James Lileks: The Bleat Everybody knows Lileks and his comments on family life, work, politics, film noir, and . . .
  • LittleGreenFootballs keeps up with news stories on the war abroad and at home. The comments are both popular and useless; skip them.
  • Not Even Wrong is a weblog by an Elementary Particle Physics theorist. A bit specialized, sorry.
  • One Hand Clapping is Donald Sensing's weblog. He's a minister and former Army officer, and comments on a fairly wide range of social, religous, war, and cultural topics.
  • The Policeman's Blog is by a London bobby. Did you think you knew what crime was like in Britain?
  • Rantburg is a place for finding news stories you're not likely to find in the local Times. Want to learn about the news from the MidEast, Pakistan, Indonesia? Even the comments can be well-informed. Or tart.
  • Regnum Crucis is Dan Darling's posts on the "War On Terror." He takes notes on the news stories, and figures out who is who.
  • Science Blog is pointers to interesting science news stories.
  • ScrappleFace is satirical "news stories" mocking trends in culture, politics, reporting . . .
  • SgtStryker is a collaborative blog written by former and current military personnel. I think I like Sgt. Mom best.
  • Timbuktu Chronicles is pointers to news stories about African innovation and entrepeneurship.
  • TelfordWork.net contains sporadic posts by Dr. Work, a theologian at Westmont.
  • Touchstone Magazine is a comments page for the Christian magazine Touchstone.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy is a well-known blog written by a number of law profs and students in California, with most of the topics directed at legal aspects of items in the news. No, it isn't at all boring.
  • Winds of Change.NET is a collaborative blog, with regular features of commentary, wrap-ups of recent news in "Regional Briefings" and "Winds of War", and "Good News Saturdays."

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