Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

Pneumonia knocks the stuffings out of people. Mom's been home for almost a week now, hadn't finished a sentence all week. Voice sometimes stronger, sometimes not.

Yesterday I replanted the flowerpots on her patio for Mothers' Day. We wheeled her into the living room (O2 concentrator has 50 feet of line) so she could see them. I said she could either enjoy the fresh air and look at the patio flowers, or get dressed and we'd go for a drive. Took her for a half hour drive, past the llama and sheep farm, brief stop at the truck stop famous for massive cream puffs, then through the park and home. Had a small slice of the cream puff and she was ready to take a nap, but color looked better.

This morning I have been blessed with a plush Rose Breasted Grosbeak, courtesy of #1 son; a Lindt raspberry chocolate bar, from #3 daughter, and a yellow feathered memo clip from #2 son. We're taking Mothers' Day in installments so that kids can take turns spending a little time with Grandma.

Yes, I'm cooking on Mothers' Day. But everybody else gets to clean up.

mrs james

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