Saturday, August 06, 2005

Treasures of the "deep"

Youngest son and I went down to the creek running through the park today; a followup to the exploration with him and youngest daughter yesterday. It isn't a wild area, but they kept enough of the woods on each side to make it seem so. In this weather the water level is low enough that we were able to walk on rocks along either bank for quite a way before it all turned to mud and the various inlets raised the water level too high.

Along the way we saw green frogs, a (unfortunately dead) hermit crab, a large dragonfly, and a groundhog. Along the way we collected 2 baseballs and a softball (the ball fields are close to the creek), a Florida driver's license, lots of pop-tops, and a suction ball. (He wants to make a chain-mail vest out of pop-tops.)

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