Saturday, March 10, 2007

Maybe he was sleepy

After replacing my suit at Penneys, we remembered that Youngest Son’s belt had broken that morning, and went to the Boys Department to find him one. Neither of us could remember his waist size, so I called home.

He answered.

I told him to look in the “junk drawer” for the steel tape measure, and wrap it around his waist.

He got it, but complained that it wouldn’t work. He needed Youngest Daughter’s help, because it wouldn’t stay put.

Ok, the rule is a bit awkward, so I told him to get the fabric tape, which was on the lattice by the stairs.

He got it, but complained that he still couldn’t wrap the tape around.

”Why not?”

”I’m holding the phone.”

Pause. “Put the phone down.”

”Oh. OK.”

He’s usually much more creative than that….

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