Sunday, July 01, 2012

quick report

Alive and well. McLain camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was a nice jumping-off place for visiting places along the coast, especially when staying in a mini-cabin instead of a tent. (My better half is a good cook, and even with the hiking and lugging I gained a few pounds.) Tettegouche camp in Minnesota is a lovely site also, provided you don't plan to go anywhere--4 hike-in cabins on a lake (with electricity to run a stovetop and a few lights). (Update: Another description of Tettegouche

Pattison park in Wisconsin is nice too, but we discovered that the tent was shot and the heat was more than we cared to endure so we cut out for home a day early.

There was only a little rain (actually a thunderstorm lively enough to encourage us to put the canoe away for the rest of the day), and the heat didn't get to be a problem until we got well away from the lake. Lots of resting, lots of hiking, lots of visiting Great Lakes shipping history sites (and a taconite plant), scenic trials, and so on.

Not everything was perfect: I should learn braille to figure out what the mosquitoes at Pattison were trying to tell me, and the smoke detector decided to let us know the battery was low at 4 in the morning--and the ceiling was 12 feet high at Tettegouche so I couldn't deal with it. We can't afford to do something like this very often, but I'm glad we went.

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