Wednesday, May 08, 2013


After the IT meeting I stared at the listings for the Online and the rest of the WIMP breakout sessions. I'd been to part of the WIMP talks, and learned quite a bit--but the afternoon sessions seemed to be "limit" sessions, and I was getting a little weary of new limit papers. That's a bad character trait for a scientist, who is supposed to be happy to learn anything, but some of these are exercises; excluding models I don't believe while waiting for the statistics to address more reasonable models.

And Powerpoint is hypnotic. Zzzz. (Here's a conspiracy theory for you: Powerpoint is for sales presentations, designed to hypnotize the audience so the salesman can press his pitch on a helpless group.)

So I went with the Online processing group, with talks about software trigger upgrades and plans. And a talk I didn't expect to be encouraging, but was. IceCube was designed as a neutrino telescope, and one obvious thing to try to do is coordinate with optical or radio or gamma-ray telescopes to look for neutrinos associated with their spectacular events, or for them to scan for where we say there was something exciting happening in the sky. Universit├Ąt Bonn should have an interesting result released soon. Nice to see we can do it. Now if something lets loose in our galaxy...

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