Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pheromone stories

Had Enough Therapy said
For a woman, of course, hair matters. It matters enormously. The reason is simple: something like 70% of a woman’s pheromones—her sexual attraction hormones—are in her hair. That is why some women let their hair grow out.


The nearest thing I could find about this was this article, which although it says " produced by the skin's apocrine sebaceous glands, which develop during puberty and are usually associated with sweat glands and tufts of hair" and that these appear everywhere on the body, does not include the scalp among the 6 main sources. There's a 1984 IRC paper everybody references, but I can't get at it online and UW doesn't have a paper copy (not that I have time to go to the hospital to read it).

Other sources speculate that long hair makes a good pheromone delivery system (and then quote each other), but I couldn't find any references (not counting sites trying to sell shampoo or other confections) that would substantiate that.

It sounds nice and plausible, but looks unsupported.

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