Friday, February 12, 2021

The defrost isn't working?

Maybe the SD card is worn out from having too many log file rewrites. And the card is soldered into the motherboard that controls your Tesla. "Now they are claiming that the eMMC chip, ball-grid soldered to the motherboard, inaccessible without disassembling the dash, and not specifically mentioned in the owner’s manual, should be considered a “wear item”, and thus should not be subject to such scrutiny."

Comments on Hackaday articles are frequently interesting. One of them is: "On my 2013 Ford Escape, replacing the battery. Step 1. Remove the windshield wipers: 27 minute youtube video explaining how to do it."

Designing for repair seems to conflict somewhat with designing for smallest size and designing for style. UW Engineering: Designing for disassembly.

Of course, some things seem to be designed specifically not to be repaired. I've not had problems replacing flip phone batteries (though the replacement batteries seem to be from the same lot as the installed ones--just as old), but smart phones?

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