Wednesday, December 07, 2022


They're big, easy to store, not terribly expensive (more than I care to spend, but that's just me)--what's not to like?

The creepy looking puddle in the lawn you get when the power's off, that's what. The Wicked Witch of the West has plenty of siblings--steam-rolled minions, smashed santas, collapsed chimneys, melted snowmen, godzilla-ed reindeer. When the power's on--green grow the grinches, oh!--but when it's off, what a sad flabby mess litters the yard.

The only upside is that there aren't any inflatable nativity scenes. At least around here.

Uh oh. The grim news from google is that they exist, and somebody buys them. I hope they run them 24/7. It defeats the point of displaying one to leave it empty.


Korora said...

Donna B. said...

@Korora - Tacky, yes. I was thinking more along the lines of used car dealership tacky. Both apply!

Also traumatizing to toddlers who think Santa died overnight.

The Mad Soprano said...

Inflatables are the lamest things ever invented, why should the most important birth in the history of Man be treated as lame?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The poetic comment of the deflated cheeriness has always troubled me. That it does not trouble the owners/displayers suggests they have a remarkable ability to ignore reality in preference to a very temporary splash. They either have a childish fascination with such or are overwilling to defer to the children's pleasure in such matters.

Korora said...

Even if people try to run it 24/7, all it takes is one birdseed bandit blundering into a substation.