Thursday, January 26, 2023

Chat openAI

I figured I should give it a shot too--on something hard.

Write a poem in the style of The Barrel-Organ by Alfred Noyes. I invite you to compare the original with the AI imitation--part of the meaning is there, but the style isn't.

The old man played his barrel-organ,
A tune that was sweet and low,
It filled the streets with melody,
And touched the hearts of all who know.

The children danced along the sidewalks,
Their laughter ringing in the air,
The music lifted up their spirits,
And chased away their every care.

The sun was shining bright and golden,
The sky was deep and blue,
The old man played his barrel-organ,
And life was good, it was true.

But as the day began to wane,
And shadows fell across the land,
The old man packed up his barrel-organ,
And headed for another band.

But though he's gone, his music lingers,
A sweet and haunting melody,
That echoes in the hearts of all,
Who heard his barrel-organ play.

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