Sunday, February 07, 2016

Not always happy-clappy

As she founded and visited convents, Teresa often traveled the rugged roads of Spain. One time her saddle slipped, and she found herself head down under the belly of a donkey as she crossed a stream. Complaining to the Lord of her treatment, she heard him reply, "Teresa, whom the Lord loves, he chastises. This is how I treat all my friends." She replied tartly, "No wonder you have so few!"

I haven't heard of many youth retreats that deal with St. John of the Cross, have you? Generally the kids come back all excited and enthusiastic; not many come back quiet and thoughtful.

People come with so many problems--you need to comfort them and not scare them away. But the big picture does include Gethsemane. We don't escape the world's pains.

The friend who had a house fall on him in New Orleans two weeks ago is still in the ICU, and may soon be healthy enough for a tracheotomy. (The rest of the church team that were inside the house were pretty much OK; he was standing outside.)

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