Friday, February 19, 2016

Day without Latinos

A couple of bills before the legislature were the reason for a large rally yesterday. It was billed as the "Day without Latinos and Immigrants."

I gather one bill forbade local officials from giving drivers licenses or other state documents to undocumented aliens, and the other prohibited cities from prohibiting questions about citizenship.

The police said 20,000. I only saw about a thousand heading there, but I only see one side of one street. I could hear the rally loud but not clear. Loudspeaker distortion makes speakers unclear even when they're using English. There were lots of families with little kids, a few American flags, even fewer Mexican flags.

Going to school in the capitol city has its advantages. If there's some kind of protest the teachers feel they must sympathize with, you can get a day off school, and with luck you don't have to bother with the protest.

BTW, if you're here legally, the bills don't effect you at all. I assume the idea was to show solidarity with the tribe, try to build some political muscle, and because your cousins are all here illegally.

We ate at the Great Dane today. They had a nice slick poster in the window explaining how they stood in solidarity with their Latino employees. I looked around--maybe they were the cooks. Definitely not the waitresses, bartenders, bus-boys...

FWIW, everybody showed up to work yesterday. Americans, Germans, Belgians, Chinese, Spaniards and all.

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