Saturday, February 27, 2016


I suppose it makes sense--sort of--but it still seems weird to me that used razor blades were just shoved through a hole in the cabinet to fall inside the wall. That way there were no sharp surprises in the trash, and the blades were gone forever. Sort of.

The bathroom cabinet looks like an old style, but it must be a new one because it doesn't have the razor blade slot.

The razor blades were in the wall, though: O(50) of them. How do I know? It turns out copper pipe can develop pinhole leaks, especially if the plumber was a little careless with the flux.

Drywall cutters look nice and low tech, but they work like a champ on drywall--and on fingers.


DOuglas2 said...

My foreign wife, not knowing about the slots that used to exist in medicine cabinets she had never seen, was pretty spooked by the pile of rusty blades we found inside the wall.
To her, until I explained, it seemed like some grisly spiritual midden.

james said...

Wow, yes, it would seem weird. The sacrificial knife or the offering itself--either way.

Mark Anderson said...

Recall testing the slot by slipping my working-dad's blades through and listening to them fall. An expensive past-time, back in the day.