Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Share the anger, pass it on

I dropped off a letter at the post office, and carefully pulled back out of the parking space (someone else was coming in), when the fat man in the pale blue sports car with the micro-dog in his lap revved his way back almost into my car. I pulled on forward to exit--waiting to let a car from the drop-off lane pull out. Mr. Impatient honked at me. The cars ahead turned out onto the busy road, and when it came my turn and I rolled up to the exit, he honked at me again. Then his car rear ended mine.

Now I was the furious one, and he was rapidly saying he didn't intend to hit me, the car just rolled, it had nothing to do with the horn, it had nothing to do with the horn. I tried to keep from snarling as I said "If there's no damage, the heck with it."

There wasn't, fortunately. That helped me calm down, I guess, so I suppose I wasn't able to pass the anger on. Maybe next time.

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