Friday, April 03, 2009


I'm still waiting for an explanation of why Obama demanded Wagoner's resignation.

Any sort of explanation--was he clearly incompetent? making threats?

Was he ousted to set an example for the rest, not for any failing of his own?

Or was he forced out just because Obama wanted to show that he could?

I say "Obama" because he's the head of state, but for all I know the driving force might be Geithner, who later threatened further ousters. All I can tell for sure is that this is the beginning of another level of cronyism. Whether or not you think Obama is a man of integrity (I don't), we all know that men like Senator Dodd are not; and this precedent hands them huge power. We already had trouble with money buying "influence:" we're going to get it in spades now.

And don't bother bringing up "campaign finance reform." All that will mean, in this environment, is that rules will be designed to prevent incumbents from being unseated, enforced with federal bureaucrats and money.

UPDATE It is already worse than I thought. Control is the focus, not recovery.

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