Friday, May 04, 2018

"Tomorrow will be like today, only more so"

Maybe. Or maybe there'll be a volcanic irruption in the street, or a sinkhole in your field. Or a mouse will chew off the insulation on some wires and start a fire, or the sewer back up and your sump pump fail.

We're good at taking things for granted. Especially nice things, like comfortable houses. And being able to trust the electricity, or that the bus will stop for you, or that laws and regulations won't be capricious.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

As things incrementally get better, such as cars lasting longer and breaking down less often, we regard things going wrong as more and more of an interruption of our predictable lives. Thus, we are more upset about them and feel more put upon.

aporitic said...

Anyone who takes for granted that laws and regulations won't be capricious doesn't have very much real-life experience with either.