Thursday, February 07, 2019


Part of the crash information is available, and there's a nice description at Propublica. And some thoughts from people who know more about the Navy than I do at CDR Salamander.

A couple of other Navy Times stories here and here.

Overconfidence kills.

UPDATE: An update to the story, naming names. Yes, politics. Some national, a lot internal.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Not a simple story. It doesn't sound like the situation is all that fixed. Changing what sort of person succeeds in a system is harder to change than just putting in some new procedures.

james said...

No, not fixed at all, as far as I can determine. Relative peacetime rewards different attitudes than an existential war would. From this vantage it looks as though quite a lot of our military leadership and civilian overseers of the same have no sense of proportion, or don't know what a military is actually for.