Thursday, May 06, 2021

I'm not sure what their algorithm is doing

I searched for tribes of the liberian hinterland, and the search returned Schwab's book. That's good.

It also returned, in order: "Azure Moon" CD, "Cybertela Only God Can Judge Me T-shirt", "Manscaped groin hair trimmer", "Stay strapped or get clapped T-shirt", "Cephalofair Games Gloomhaven board game", "Honeywell redLink to internet gateway", "people who tolerate me on a daily basis T-shirt", "Spin Master Games Santorini board game", "realistic LED candles", "Mansions of Madness Board game", "Lubridem Men's unscented lotion", yet more realistic LED candles, "Empire of the Summer Moon (good book, BTW)", "Five Tribes board game", "Czech Games TZolk'in", "Calliope Tsuro board game".

6 board games, 3 novelty T-shirts, 2 flameless candles, 2 "shaving"-related products, 1 network connection setup, 1 music CD and a book about the Comanches.

I guess it picked up the business about tribes and flagged a bunch of board games with something "tribe" in their description. Maybe it chopped "hinterland" to get the trimmer and brought along the aftershave as an obvious add-on. Aside from that, I'm stumped.

Do I need to say that none of these come close to anything I've searched for? I picked up the Comanche book second-hand, not on Amazon.

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